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Viewing Your Images

My work is not complete once your wedding day has ended.

In fact its starting over. Whilst you are enjoying your honeymoon, I will be busy working on the images I have taken on your wedding day. On average I shoot around 1200 images or more depending on the amount of time I have spent with you. I creatively post edit the images and ensure that the ones I finally present to you are ones I am 100% happy with and that meet my personal and highest standards.

I will decide which images I believe work best in black and white and I am always working with the final album in mind. If you have chosen to have a digital only package, the same applies in that I work on the images to ensure they are the best representation of the photograph.

Once you have returned from your honeymoon, we will agree a date to meet at our studio, usually 2-3 weeks from your wedding day. The 1200 or so images will have been reduced down to around 350, to make it more manageable. We’ll have a chat about your honeymoon and watch a slideshow of all these images whilst we have a coffee and remember your wonderful day. Following this, we’ll discuss which images you want to be included in your album (if you are having one) and any images you would like to be framed or included in any parent albums or other products should you choose to have any.

This process can easily take 2-3 hours, so we ask our newlyweds to allow for this time as it is very important that the images you choose to go in your album are the ones you love the most. Remember we are only choosing around 80-100 images from the 350, which can take some time. There is always the option to have more images in your album and I will help and advise you if I believe certain images would work better than others in the final album as I want you to be over the moon when you see the final product.

Once you have chosen your images, I then set about designing the album layout. During this process I may come back to you with a few suggestions on layout changes. Once I have completed the album layout I present it to you for approval before it gets sent to Queensberry in New Zealand for production. Delivery of the album generally takes about 6 weeks as all our albums are hand made and go through a delicate production process.

Once we receive your album back from the manufacturer, we will arrange to come and deliver it to you in person.


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