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Destination Weddings

There’s something special about getting married in a far-away place, but leaving your photography in the hands of someone you’ve never met can be a real headache. My destination wedding photography service takes away the worries, and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of using a photographer you know and trust.

If you were getting married in the UK, would you choose a photographer you’d not had a chance to meet beforehand? So why make that decision simply because you’re getting married overseas?

A Question of Cost?

If it’s a question of cost, you might be surprised. A local photographer may look like a cheaper option, but what are you getting for the money? Resort-based photographers often base their prices on just an hour’s shoot, covering the main ceremony and little else. Yes, you’ll have photos of those particular moments – but what will you have to help you remember the rest of the day?

Meeting Your Wishes?

Even if you’re satisfied with the package, how can you be sure the photographer will understand exactly what you want, when English isn’t their first language, and local tastes in photography may be very different? How natural will the photos be, if you don’t meet the person behind the camera until five minutes before they take the first photo? And how do you even know who to choose?

If you’re getting married in a resort or hotel, no doubt the venue will be able to recommend someone – but what criteria is that recommendation based on? Is the photographer genuinely good at what they do – or simply the manager’s brother? Finally, what happens if things go wrong, and the photos aren’t what was promised – or simply don’t arrive? You may well find there’s nothing you can do, as stand-alone photographer bookings won’t be covered by UK consumer law.

Don’t Put Your Memories at Risk

Ask me to cover your destination wedding, and none of this is a concern. We’ll meet beforehand, and get to know each other better during a pre-engagement shoot. I’ll be there on the day for as long as you want – no extra charges for each additional hour. Then we’ll get together on your return for you to look at the images, select your favourites, and discuss your album design in detail.

Wherever your wedding is to be, you’ll have peace of mind that every aspect of the photography is under control, and that your final album will truly reflect your dream day.

To talk to me about your destination wedding and find out what it would cost to have me on board, call me on 0161 351 7177 or send an email. Because of the time commitment, I don’t do many destination weddings each year – early booking is definitely recommended!


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