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Wedding Photography

wedding photographer manchester

Professional wedding photography across Manchester and Cheshire

“Treasure the memories of your wedding day with beautiful, vibrant fine art images that are as full of life as the people they show.”

Telling the Story of Your Day 

I take pictures that tell the story of your day, as it happens. Ask any bride or groom what they remember of their big day, and most will say they struggle to remember the details. My job is to capture those details, both those you saw, and those you didn’t. It’s reportage-style wedding photography that follows the natural flow of events, and so produces images that are neither forced nor posed.

…it’s your day

On the most important day of their lives, who wants to be constantly interrupted by a photographer telling them where to go, what to do, who to stand next to? It’s no surprise that reportage photography is so popular.

I’ll be as unobtrusive as possible, whilst working hard in the background to record those spontaneous smiles, tender looks, and moments of humour that will help you and your guests remember what was so unique about the day.

.. .the best photos come when people are behaving naturally

Before the big day, we’ll have had both an initial consultation and an engagement/pre-wedding shoot (all part of the package). Time for you to get to know me, to have seen the results of my work, and to feel comfortable having me around.

On the day itself, I take around 1200 pictures, starting with the excited anticipation of the preparations and working right through to you taking your place on the dance floor for the first dance and beyond. Because I’m constantly taking photos, you and your guests will soon forget I’m even there, and can simply relax and enjoy the day.

…memories of what was real 

When I do take you away from the crowd to take those precious bride and groom photos, I focus on setting scenes that allow special moments to happen. When you look at the pictures in years to come, you’ll know each image is a real reflection of your feelings for each other – and not a result of me telling you when to kiss or hold hands.

Turning your Wedding Memories into Works of Art

Anyone can take a photo, it’s true. But creating a work of art is rather harder. So how do I do it?

…an artist’s eye

Spotting the moments, composing the scenes, understanding the light. I bring each of these elements together to create images that really do capture the personalities behind the faces, the interactions between people, and the special features of your chosen venue.

…the right equipment

Bringing additional lighting, choosing the right camera, using appropriate accessories. It’s the only way to be sure you get quality pictures, whatever the day brings.

…creative post-production

Choosing the best pictures, and taking the time to edit each one. I make creative yet subtle changes that lift each individual picture and create a consistent look for the selection. Our beautiful handcrafted albums complete the process.

It takes time, and it takes care.  But your memories deserve the best.

We have a range of photography packages and options available – all include more than you might think. To find out more about what you’ll get if you book me as your wedding photographer, go to our Wedding Photography Packages page

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