A Beautiful Wedding At The White Hart Lydgate | Stacey & Marc Brumby

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Stacey & Marc were married at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Blackley, Manchester on 3rd August 2013 and went on to the lovely White Hart, Lydgate for their wedding breakfast and reception.

The weather forecast a few days before the wedding wasn’t great, but the day turned out beautiful.

The morning didn’t start exactly as I had planned when I arrived at Stacey’s parent’s house to shoot the bridal preparations and she wasn’t there! The girls were all still getting their hair done at the local salon. All turned out well as it allowed me some unrestricted time to photograph Stacey’s beautiful dress from Ava Rose Hamilton and her gorgeous flowers from Mat at Red Floral Architecture.

The White Hart Lydgate Wedding

Our Lady of Cartmel was beautiful inside. With very little in the way of surrounding grounds I was blown away at the size and light inside, it truly was a delight to photograph their ceremony. On top of that the priest was standing in and hadn’t performed a wedding service for quite some time. I introduced myself as I always do and asked him what restrictions he had if any. He was so nice, he allowed me to pretty much do what I wanted to do and at the end he said apart from one occasion when he saw me crouching in the middle of the aisle after the ring exchanges, he didn’t even know I was there. This is always nice to here, especially with so many things said about how some photographers have upset priests and vicars through their lack of respect.

At The White Hart, we started with a couple of shots of Stacey & Marc in the car, so that the driver could then leave. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, Brandon and myself caught a few rays sat outside in the garden while everyone enjoyed their meal.

Below are some of my personal favourite images of this lovely White Hart wedding

Stacey & Marc’s Wedding Photography Details

Bride & Groom
Stacey & Marc Brumby
Wedding Date
Wedding Ceremony
Our Lady of Cartmel, Blackley, Manchester
Wedding Reception
The White Hart at Lydgate, Saddleworth, Oldham
Bridal Dress
Ava Rose Hamilton
Flower Design
Red Floral Architecture
Manchester Wedding Photography
Bardsley Photography | Darren Bardsley

wedding shoes wedding flowers by Red Floral Ava Rose Hamilton Wedding Dress Closeup BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-037 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-052 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-067-2 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-068 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-131 Inside Our Lady of Cartmel Church Inside Our Lady of Cartmel Church BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-161 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-172 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-173 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-179 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-180 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-185 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-186 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-190 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-192 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-201 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-224 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-291 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-292 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-293 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-294 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-295 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-296 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-312-2 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-313 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-328 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-335 wedding car at The White Hart Lydgate White Hart Wedding A Wedding at The White Hart in Lydgate, Oldham The White Hart Lydgate Oldham Weddings at The White Hart Wedding Photography at The White Hart Lydgate BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-445 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-450 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-457 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-473 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-481 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-492 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-493 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-494 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-495 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-610 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-613 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-625 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-638 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-647 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-651 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-657 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-666 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-669 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-671 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-692 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-707 BardsleyPhotography-Stacey-Marc-731

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